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Сіз соғылған фланецті өндіру процесін білесіз бе?

Уақыты: 2024-03-05

Соғылған фланец is a kind of common pipe connectors, usually made of carbon steel, alloy steel and other materials.

In the flange manufacturing process, due to the quality of forgings and batches of different, and then choose a different way of calcining. The productivity of free forging is a little low and the machining allowance is large, but the tools are simple and generalized.

In turn, it is commonly used to calcine the shape of simple, small batches of forgings. Free forging equipment including air hammer, steam hammer, hydraulic press, etc., suitable for small, neutral and other occasions.

Manufacturing of large forgings. Die forging production and manufacturing of high efficiency, easy to use, easy to complete mechanical automation and intelligence.

Die forging specifications of high precision, small machining allowance, fiber structure is divided into more scientific and reasonable, can comprehensively improve the use of parts of the period.

production process of forging flange

The calcining process generally consists of the following processes, that is, selecting high-quality blanks, heating, molding and cooling after calcining. The forging process includes free forging, die forging and film forging.

Шикізатты дайындау:

Select the appropriate material, usually carbon steel, alloy steel, etc..

Inspection of raw materials to ensure that they meet the relevant standards and quality requirements.


Heat the raw material to the appropriate forging temperature to improve its plasticity and malleability.


Plastic deformation of heated raw materials by hammering or pressure machinery at forging temperature.

Through the forging process, the raw material is formed into the initial shape of the flange.

Undercutting and preforming:

Undercutting and preforming of the preliminary shape obtained by forging to obtain the approximate shape of the flange.

Fine Forging:

Further forging of the pre-formed piece to obtain a more accurate size and shape.

This may require multiple forging and heating processes.


The finish forged workpiece is cut to the length required for the design.

Machining holes and threads:

Machining holes and threads in flanges for connection to pipes, valves, etc.

Жылулық өңдеу:

Heat treat the cut and machined flanges to improve their mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.

Беттік өңдеу:

Perform surface treatment, such as painting, galvanizing, etc., to improve the corrosion resistance of the flanges.

Тексеру және сынау:

Carry out quality inspection on the produced flanges to ensure that they comply with the relevant standards and regulations.

Carry out some necessary tests, such as size inspection, pressure test and so on.

Қаптау және жеткізу:

Pack the qualified flanges and prepare them for shipment.

соғылған фланец өндірушісі

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